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What do cinema closures mean for the UK film industry?

75 secs

This Friday, my favorite cinema closes, again.

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3 things brands do to lose consumer trust and loyalty

70 secs

Trust is everything. Whether you work in B2B or B2C, having your customers trust your brand is an absolute must – and this is never more important than in 2020. 

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Why should on-trade businesses care about gamification?

30 secs

Gamification works on an emotional basis – It’s about building relationships with your customers by offering them something of value. 

Gamification 101: What does it actually mean?

30 secs

Based on entertaining, challenging, and rewarding end users, gamifying your business strategy encourages customer engagement, boosts brand loyalty, and ultimately drives more complex user behaviours. 

Capturing the Match Day Feeling for Greene King

70 secs

With the Premier League finally returning to our screens in September, we were approached by Greene King to create a film reminding people of the true magic of the ‘match day feeling’.

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What excites you about the partnership with Eagle Eye?

41 secs

Our Head of Partnerships talks about our new link up with Eagle Eye.

How can gamification improve customer brand loyalty & engagement

31 secs

Our Head of Creative Tech speaks about how gamification can improve customer loyalty and engagement.

Using prizes to convert players into customers

49 secs

Want to convert players into customers? Nate's got the answers.

What should the perfect gamification campaign consist of?

61 secs

Want some tips for your gamification campaign?

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