Bad Drivers

Turning bad drivers into good business for Nextbase.


  • Film
  • Animation

The brief

The Nextbase name was already synonymous with dash cams, but they were missing out on the full potential of the young drivers' market. 

We work with our partner agency BBI on the Nextbase account, and the key insight when we got together was a simple one. Young people are hammered by high motor insurance premiums - and driving with a dash cam onboard can bring those premiums down. 

We knew that was a message they'd welcome, but only if it was presented to them in the right way. So, we had to get our thinking caps – as well as our driving gloves – on.


The solution

Irreverent humour and some of the most popular social media influencers were our weapons of choice.

We used them to create a fun series of mockumentary films highlighting three of the most annoying types of bad driver: 

  • The middle lane hogger.
  • The "it's always somebody else's fault" character.
  • The tailgater.

With a multi-channel approach, we aimed to get the films seen as widely as possible. We did this by combining a social media campaign with sponsorship of Driving Entertainment on Dave, the comedy TV channel that reaches the target audience like no other.

The results

Nextbase ‘Bad Drivers’ idents were featured on Dave from September to December, and the series received more than 450,000 views on Facebook. That's an audience of over a million.

Better still, they got the right people talking – producing hundreds of comments and friend-tagging activity. Likes on the Nextbase Facebook page grew by 400% – which is pretty good driving by any standards.

Gongs were another result. We won Best Use of Social Media at the CIPR Excellence Awards, and Best Use of Content at CIPR Pride North West.

“We love working with Trunk because of their capability to take a simple brief, run with it and turn it into something magical. This campaign is a perfect example of that. The full suite of videos produced for both TV and social far exceeded expectations and the results were some of the best we’ve ever seen.”

Bryn Brooker, Head of Marketing, Nextbase