Macclesfield Town FC

Matchday VR

A VRy effective way to boost Macclesfield Town's season ticket sales. 


    • Film
    • Animation
    • Creative Technology

    The brief

    At Trunk, we work closely with BBI in Macclesfield, who are proud sponsors of their local football club. So, we were delighted to help the Silkmen out in their most successful season for several years.

    As the 2017-18 season reached its climax, Macclesfield Town were top of the table and about to be crowned National League champions. This was a fairy tale triumph, because the pre-season tipsters had made them relegation favourites. 
    The challenge was to make the most of this opportunity to increase the club's fan base and maximise season ticket sales for the first season back in the big time. 

    Our insights found that younger fans were the key to this, and that an experience involving technology would be a great way to inspire and excite them. 

    The final game of the season was approaching. They were about to be presented with the championship trophy. This was the moment.


    The solution

    We decided to turn the day of triumph into something that could be enjoyed time and time again. The Trunk team started thinking in terms of 360-degree video and virtual reality, to make each viewer feel like they were on the pitch. We wanted fans to visualise being in the middle of the action, part of the winning team.

    Therefore, every aspect of the day was filmed by our 3D camera operators: from the pre-match warm up to the manager's half-time team talk and everything that came afterwards.

    Transforming the raw footage into an immersive "I was there" experience involved a combination of expert film editing, design flair and creative technology. The result was a VR mobile app using the Unity game engine. The first step involved making sure it was compatible with any mobile VR headset. We then built a selection of our own VR components to help users control the video and navigate the whole matchday experience.

    With the season over and the trophy in the bag, the club’s community team got to work showing the pre-loaded app around local schools and summer sports camps. They made sure potential season ticket holders, sponsors and investors got the experience too.

    The results

    Kids were the main target audience, and they were just as excited by the VR technology as they were by the content. They loved feeling part of the team on such a thrilling day.

    The bottom line, of course, is that the club had sold 20% more season tickets by the start of the next season. The project also attracted Paddy Power to the club. Trunk introduced the two together to partner on the viral #SaveOurShirt 2019/20 campaign, which culminated in Paddy Power "unsponsoring" the Silkmen's front of shirt.

    "The VR project gave supporters a new way of engaging with the football club and offered a completely different dimension to how we communicate with them. We believe it can make a real difference within the community and inspire the next generation of youngsters to pull on a Macclesfield Town shirt in the future."

    James Beckett, Commercial Manager, Macclesfield Town FC