Foster's & Marston's

World Cup Predictor

For Foster's & Marston's, teaming up with Trunk had predictable results


    • Creative Technology

    The brief

    The 2018 men's football World Cup in Russia was approaching, and Marston's needed a way to make the most of its popularity across their pub portfolio.

    Customer activation was the marketing team's aim - driving footfall with repeat visits. But they had a problem: much less to spend on media than the other major players.

    So how could they connect with pub goers, and keep them coming back throughout the tournament? 

    At Trunk, as always, we had a cunning plan.

    The solution

    We started with a key insight. We were targeting match-watching, pub-going people, who typically love two things: lager and fantasy football. 

    To satisfy that thirst for lager and get around the budget problem, we suggested teaming up with Foster's. And we challenged our creative tech wizards to create a digital loyalty scheme with a fantasy football feel. 

    Something that would whip up a storm of interest and speculation around game after game, and keep going as long as the tournament lasted.

    The Match Predictor was born. Players were invited to forecast the score and other details (scorers, number of corners) of the most popular game each day. Free pints were up for grabs via vouchers. 

    One problem was that some games were more popular than others. So we used our expertise in gamification principles and created a bespoke prize mechanic. The goal was to stimulate footfall during the quieter games to even out the flow of customers.

    Participants also had the chance to play for their pub, and build a points total towards big prizes such a holiday.

    By promoting the Predictor on social media, and by making it browser-based and available on all platforms, we maximised sign-ups and plays.

    The results

    Mission accomplished! The Match Predictor reached the right people and got them coming back for each match. As predicted! Take a look at the numbers...

    "We were delighted with the results. We saw a significant increase in engagement nationally throughout the tournament and look forward to working with Trunk for other key sporting events."

    Abby Hobday, Digital Marketing Manager